DiagnodentBerger Family Dental uses the advanced technology available with Diagnodent™, a fluorescent laser that can detect tooth decay quickly and accurately.
How does Diagnodent™ work?
Dr. Berger uses Diagnodent™ to identify tooth decay. Diagnodent™ works by measuring the laser fluorescence in the tooth structure. Healthy teeth will show little to no fluorescence, whereas, teeth with cavities will show fluorescence when the laser starts scanning. The unit measures the fluorescence and basically gives a numeric rating to describe the level of decay.
How can Diagnodent™ help me?
Diagnodent™ is one means to detect cavities in their early stages. Using Diagnodent™ helps to preserve your natural teeth with early detection and treatment.
What are the Benefits of Diagnodent™?
  • Treat dental problem with confidence
  • Allows detection of hidden tooth decay
  • Safe and cost-effective
  • Measurable results
  • Can detect cavities early
  • Painless procedure. If you have any questions about Diagnodent™ or want to learn more about the technology that we utilize, call us at