Providing exceptional dental care starts with early and accurate detection of oral health conditions. At Berger Family Dental, we use the CariVu™ device to identify cavities, hidden cracks, and other issues in your teeth.
How does CariVu™ work?
Dr. Berger will use the CariVu™ during your exam to investigate any areas of concern. CariVu™ is a compact, wand-like tooth imaging instrument that provides another way for Dr. Berger to find problem areas with your teeth. The image shows areas with decay or cracks which present darker than the nearby healthy tooth enamel. CariVu™ is also safe for children and pregnant women because it does not use radiation.
Why is CariVu™ important?
To put it quite simply, we have to be able to see a problem before we can treat it. CariVu™ gives us an accurate, in-depth look at your mouth. With this technology, we can detect minor problems before they progress to more advanced stages. CariVu™ is a great preventative dental device that is a time-saving and cost-effective benefit to both Dr. Berger and his patients.
What are the Benefits of CariVu™
  • Ability to detect tooth decay early
  • Allows for the treatment of minor issues before they become serious dental problems
  • Improved diagnostic certainty
  • Safe and non-ionizing solution
To learn more about CariVu™, or any of our other cutting-edge dental technologies, give us a call at (614) 866-3368.