Athletic Mouthguards


Dental injuries as a result of participation in sports are quite common. It is estimated that over 25% of all the dental injuries we treat in children are sports-related, and the majority of these involve the top front teeth. Baseball, bicycling, handball, skiing, and equestrian sports — plus some two dozen others — are activities that the American Dental Association (ADA) has identified as potential causes of dental injury in adults.

A custom-fabricated mouthguard is made just for you. You will come in for an appointment where we make an impression of your mouth and send that to a lab that designs the protective gear according to that model. When that’s complete, your perfectly fit guard will be strong, lightweight and comfortable — which means you can wear it comfortably. And wear it, you will!

The Berger Family Dental team is ready to provide you with the necessary gear to win! A custom-fit mouthguard can protect you and your children from a chipped, cracked or damaged tooth. Schedule your appointment today.

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