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The most powerful tool you have for your health is your fork.  The World Health Organization statistics show that up to 80% of heart disease is preventable by a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Also, one third of all cancers can be controlled by what you eat and by not smoking! 

The American Heart Association’s latest recommendations include:

·         Diet rich in vegetables and fruits (7-9 servings -more veggies than fruit)

·         Choose whole grain, high fiber foods

·         Cut down on beverages and foods containing added sugars(corn syrup, sugars,            honey)

·         Limit intake of foods high in sodium (1500 mg, if over age of 50)

·         Eat fish at least twice per week

·         Limit saturated fat.  Choose lean meats and vegetable alternatives (i.e. soy), low fat           dairy

·         If you drink  alcohol, do so in moderation

The general recommendations of the 2007 World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research Diet and Cancer Report are:

·         Body Fatness– Be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weights

·         Physical Activity– Be physically active as part of everyday life (at least 30                           minutes/day)

·         Food and drinks that promote weight gain – Limit consumption of energy-dense           foods.  Avoid sugary drinks.

·         Plant Foods – Eat mostly foods of plant origin

·         Animal Foods – Limit intake of red meat and avoid processed meat

·         Alcoholic Drinks – Limit alcoholic drinks

·         Preservation, Processing, Preparation – Limit consumption of salt.  Avoid moldy               cereals (grains) or pulses (legumes)

·         Dietary Supplements – Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet

·         Breastfeeding – Mothers to breastfeed, children to be breastfed

·         Cancer Survivors – Follow the recommendations for cancer prevention

Pick up that fork and start using it with the ‘right foods’ and get more active, whether it’s outside or on equipment and I’m sure you and your family will appreciate the HEALTHY benefits in the long run!